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“Age of Despair” has been now changed to “Age of Renewal”

As women in the Middle East enter menopausal years and start experiencing incontinence, they’re condemned to the phrase “Age of Despair”. But this phrase does not truly describe how they feel about themselves in that age.

As the number one global incontinence brand, TENA is on a mission to challenge negative perceptions of women with incontinence and drive greater age confidence amongst women 45+.

We thank all women who shared their stories with us. They are the living proof of why this phrase needs to change forever.

Graphic showing 81%
of Saudi women think that the phrase “Age of Despair” needs to be changed
Graphic showing 89%
of Saudi menopausal women say they never let hold them back
Graphic showing 80%
of Saudi women agree that society should change the perception that is something to be ashamed of

The women appearing in TENA’s Despair No More video are all real women who were casted for their confidence about how they look and feel in their age. Physical changes like incontinence and menopause, will not condemn them to live in despair.

Here’s what they had to say personally about their age, and about the campaign.

Woman staring fiercly at camera

Grace, 44 – Writer

“You have to stay strong and alive”

“At my age, I feel this is when I have accomplished the most in my life. And I still have so many goals I want to accomplish and dream to achieve. I love how TENA, is empowering women to do much more and continue to be themselves. I keep telling my daughters, never stop appreciating yourself, never stop loving life, and never stop dreaming, no matter how old you get.”

Woman staring fiercly at camera

Homa, 54 – Ceramist

“The Age of Renewal”

“Age of despair is a phrase that should not be used to label women who go through menopause, and I think it is quite sad to use such a negative word to describe women who reach that age. If it were up to me, I would change the phrase to Age of Renewal, because reaching menopause has opened my appetite to try new things and master a new hobby, Pottery, and I am so happy to be part of a campaign that tells my story, and the stories of many women like me.”

Woman staring fiercly at camera

Maya, 49 – Dancer

“Keep moving”

“Energy, happiness, and love, those are things I feel at this stage of my life. Thanks to TENA, who has given me the platform and the opportunity to share my passion for dancing with other women my age, I was able to prove to them that physical changes should not stop us from feeling motivated and confident to keep moving and looking forward to life, which is something that every woman in my age needs.”

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