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What was your magic moment?

The alarm rings. Your entire body is weary. It’s warm and cosy under the covers. You went to bed way too late last night. Again. But now it’s time to get up.
Imagine if you had known then, there under the covers, today is the day you will have one of those magic moments. One of those days that will change your life. Forever.

Almost no hot water left. You turn the tap furiously but to no avail. A quick shower will have to suffice. All out of conditioner. Breakfast - this morning’s roll tasted better yesterday and yesterday’s news was slightly more interesting, but what you don’t know as you drink your coffee is that your life will change today.

There are days that hold life-altering events; a magic moment of monumental, far-reaching consequence. Life takes a new direction.

Sometimes these moments are served up by life itself. You board the bus and fall madly in love - with the bus driver. Or, you trip as you exit the bus, break your leg and fall in love with your orthopaedist.

Make a friend for life

A straying sperm meets an egg and a new option presents itself. You already have two older children, a new baby sounds refreshing and soon you find yourself on the market for a van – because one turned out to be twins.

You grab the only available seat on the train and make a friend for life.

Other magic moments are the ones you initiate. One day at work you decide you’ve had enough. It is time for something new. You go home, or surf on the sly, checking out job sites and various courses.

"It is possible. You just have to dare. And believe. Hope and keep your eyes open. And don’t be afraid to do the unexpected." ”

Someone else decides she doesn’t want to live alone anymore. She joins a dating site and commits to date at least ten men a month. She’s determined to find her prince and quit kissing toads.

A woman is having her hair done at a salon on the other side of town. She’s had the same hairdo for more than a decade and suddenly she takes the plunge. The hairdresser cuts a Mohawk. Outside, the Mohawk runs into a model scout searching for large-size models with attitude who wonders if she’s interested in making millions.

It can happen. If you dare.

But she declines – she likes it fine at home. But thanks for the offer; it was flattering to be asked.

The wind suddenly shift to blue skies

A letter is dropped in another woman’s mailbox. She has been accepted into the silversmith programme she applied for. (During lessons, all stress and frustration flows from her body as her hands work the metal.)

We also have days when things just work against us - it’s an uphill battle and raging winds that suddenly shift to blue skies. Job interview after job interview with people who do not appreciate what a treasure you are. Until you meet the right boss at the right workplace, land the job plus a raise in pay and colleagues to have coffee with. Or when you feel you deserve a raise after struggling financially for years. So you prepare. Polish your arguments. Get advice from friends. You do such a great job of convincing your boss that the raise allows for a guaranteed sun-filled holiday.

Life can work out that way. It is possible. You just have to dare. And believe. Hope and keep your eyes open. And don’t be afraid to do the unexpected. Just make up your mind to get there.

Let this be each day’s promise. When you next find yourself in the shower frantically turning the hot water tap or when your morning bread tastes stale, take time to ponder:

What will be my magic moment today?

PS The model scout didn’t give up. The lady with the Mohawk now works part-time as a model. And she’s going to buy her own private aeroplane soon. John Travolta has promised to fly her any time she needs. It could happen!

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