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Dryness is another word for confidence

If you use a protection that’s not designed for bladder weakness, the risk that it becomes moist is greater and this can effect your skin. A damp protection can be like sandpaper to your skin and it increases the risk of infection. A real protection reduces the risk for such problems.

One of the biggest differences between a real protection and a menstrual towel is dryness. Menstruation and urine are two different fluids. While menstruation blood has a thick consistency, urine is released in larger quantities under stronger pressure, which means you must have a protection specially designed for this. If you use a menstrual towel or wadded toilet paper not intended to manage urine, you would likely end up with a damp surface.

A damp protection can cause skin problems, and an irritation that feels like a chafing, red-hot, burning sensation.

"A real protection is designed not to cause these problems." ”

“Damp skin is more sensitive than dry skin. As friction increases the skin is more easily irritated and the outer skin layer loosens more readily. Bacteria and fungi grow faster on damaged skin, and with the protective layer gone there is a greater risk of infection. Since bacteria and fungi need water for their proliferation, they do extra well in damp environments,” explains Bo Runeman PhD, Sr Scientist Dermatology.

A real protection is designed not to cause these problems. All of TENA’s products have a dry outer layer. TENA Lady products have a soft, dry-fast surface material that transports fluid away from the surface faster than any menstrual towel or panty liner. Its core ensures that the fluid stays inside. And stays there even if you apply pressure by sitting down, for instance.

This is a whole different level of reliability. Another word for it is confidence.

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