Urinary Stress Incontinence

Urinary Stress Incontinence describes the complaint of the involuntary leakage of urine (bladder weakness) following physical effort.  This effort can include physical exertion, or actions such as coughing, sneezing or laughing. Stress Incontinence usually only involves small amounts of urine, but is dependent upon how full the bladder is when the abdominal pressure occurs. Stress incontinence is generally connected to a weakening of the pelvic floor muscles and can be a result of physical changes occurring during pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

Urinary stress incontinence in women is also referred to as stress urinary incontinence or stress incontinence.

Male stress incontinence is generally experienced after prostate surgery, though it is not unknown in other circumstances.  For men this term is also referred to as urinary stress incontinence or post-prostatectomy stress urinary incontinence.

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