The lifecycle assessment

Eco Actions

Eco Actions is our ongoing commitment to develop products and services that improve the quality of everyday life, while minimising our impact on the environment.

Since the 1990’s SCA has been working hard to measure and reduce the total environmental impact of our products   through a process known as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA).

Life Cycle Assesment looks at every step of TENA’s production, from sourcing materials right through to disposal. This enables us to calculate the carbon footprint of the product. The carbon footprint is the sum of all greenhouse gases emitted during the products lifecycle. This information allows us to make the best environmental choices. You can find out more about the stages of the TENA Life Cycle in the next few pages.

We have already made good progress. In Europe, between 2008 and July 2009 we reduced the carbon footprint of TENA products by between 3 and 17%. For example, TENA Flex has reduced its footprint by 17%, and TENA Lady by 11%. (third party verification by IVL, Swedish Environmental Research Institute).

To ensure we keep making progress, we’ve set ourselves some tough goals. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint further by:

• Developing sustainable solutions by continuously improving the design of our products and using materials more effectively.
• Ensuring the raw materials we use come from responsible sources.
• Reducing product and packaging waste after use.
• Reducing our carbon emissions from fossil fuels and from purchased electricity and heating by 20% between 2005 and 2020
• Continuously reducing waste in our factories
• Working with our suppliers to reduce carbon emissions across the entire supply chain

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