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TENA Lady Slim Ultra Mini

This regular size panty liner gives you discreet protection against light urine leakage or incontinence. Soft and silky, with new feminine print design, the TENA Lady Discreet Ultra Mini Liner was created to be much more absorbent than a regular panty liner, with microPROTEX™ technology helping to lock in odour and moisture instantly.

  • Quick and discreet protection thanks to microPROTEX™ technology
  • Much more absorbent than regular panty liners
  • Fresh Odour Control for confidence

Product description

Quick and discreet protection thanks to microPROTEX™ technology

TENA Lady is carefully designed to provide effective leakage protection. The microPROTEX™ compressing technology deeply weaves together a mix of ultra-absorbent materials to give you absorbency where it matters making sure the security and the discretion that is needed is provided. TENA Lady Slim gives you peace of mind and confidence.

Much more absorbent than regular panty liners

TENA Lady liners have a unique ultra-slim core that is twice as absorbent as an ordinary liner. It contains micro absorbents that retain urine and keep it locked in. TENA Lady liners keep you dry, fresh and secure.

Fresh Odour Control for confidence

Do not let bladder weakness slow you down. TENA Lady liners have Fresh Odour Control with micro beads that encapsulate liquid and eliminate odour. TENA Lady keeps you feeling fresh and confident whatever comes your way.

Extra gentle and dry Silky Soft Surface against the skin

TENA Lady liners have a silky soft textile-like covering that is exceptionally gentle against the skin. This makes TENA Lady so comfortable, you will probably even forget you are wearing one.

QuickDry Top-sheet for instant dryness

TENA Lady has a special perforated surface that instantly absorbs liquid, leaving your skin feeling fresh and dry. TENA Lady will help you feel comfortable and dry whatever comes your way.

Triple Protection – Dry, Secure & Odour Control

All TENA Lady products give you Triple Protection from leaks, odour and moisture. Helping you stay dry, secure and confident at all times, both day and night.

Dermatologically tested

All materials in the product are dermatologically tested to be safe and kind to the skin.

Product facts


Available in lengths:

  • Length: 19.2 cm

Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 28 pcs

Introducing TENA Lady Liners